Must read 🔥 :Training a girl in school while not yet married to her is this a wise decision???


This have been hard nut to crack with issues it might result, when a bachelor starts training a lady in school without getting married to her with the risk factors involved in similar cases like this when a girl graduates and says she is not interested in marriage, or says he can't date an illiterate, or give any reason of her own as different reasons fall out day and night from this kind of occasions. 

Let's read a life story below.

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I am going to be brief about this issue.

It's about those guys that love to complain bitterly about how they trained a lady in a higher institution with hope of marrying her after she graduates, only for the lady to graduate and dump him.

I have witnessed one, the guy a wealthy trader brought the girl from the village somewhere in the east,

Trained her in Uniabuja, she did a four years course, graduated and served in Oyo state, while in Nysc, she started giving the young man attitude in terms of communication,

When the surprised guy pressed hard to inquire About what the problem is from his "future wife "

The girl told him plain and pure that he should get another girl and marry, that if she get a job in the future, she may repay him all that he spent on her.

The downcasted young man attempted suicide by mixing rat poison in his food, it was unbearable for him,

All his profits he spent on this girl,

His friends warned him, his sister was not in support yet being a guy madly in love, how can you think he will listen to you.

Luckily he was revived at a hospital after a young cousin alerted his neighbors who rushed in and saw how life is trying to snuff out of him, they rushed him to the hospital for medical help.


I felt so sorry for him .

Inasmuch as the girl was mean by playing with the young man emotion all along.

I strongly blame the young man for being stupid.

Had it been that he married the girl and then start training her, that's fine, many men do it.

But he placed his hope on that after training her, the girl will accept to marry him,

He took a risk but it backfired.

Had it been that he wanted to train her just for kindness sake and don't have any marriage objectives in mind, that would be understandable.

Both of them share in the blame.


As a guy, Can you train a girl in higher institution with hope of marrying her after she graduates?


As a girl, if a guy you don't have affection for offers to train you in the University, will you pretend to love him?

After graduating, if he proposes ,will you accept?

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