Women are treasure especially the wives [ a true life story]


She begged you not to go out. 

She just wanted to spend time with you. 

Yeah, she gets to see you everyday and rarely ever complained when you left the house, but on this very day, she wanted you to stay at home with her. 

She had sent the kids to your mum's place and just wanted to be with her man. 

"Please na, don't go na. You see your friends all the time, just stay with me today" she said. 

"I can't na, I need to watch the game with the guys, it's the champions league final for heaven's sake"

"Okay eh, let's watch it at home, invite them over, let's all watch it. besides its in the evening and this is just 2pm.I will even cheer for your team"

Her voice was sincere, her eyes moist as she tried to convince you to stay.

You ignored her and made your way to the lounge to be with the boys. 

When they asked you why you didn't come by 2pm on the dot, you even told them about what your wife said and they all laughed at her. 

"She no get sense" one of them said and you willingly agreed 😔

You allowed your friends disrespect her in your presence and you sat down there like it didn't matter. 

She kept calling you all through the match and even when you tried to pick up the phone, your friends convinced you not to and you did not. 

She sent you a text and you eventually switched off your phone. 

You drank beer with your guys, ate suya and laughed with them. 

After the match, you all dispersed and headed home. 

You were not drunk but you drove wrecklessly as usual as you made your way into the compound. 

You knocked and knocked on the door and nobody came to open it. 

You used your spare key and entered the house and it was all decorated with flowers and balloons. 

There was a huge cake with the insigna, "Happy Birthday my world"

You were devastated, your limbs became weak. 

You entered the room and it was even more beautiful. 

But something struck you, she laid on the floor, motionless. 

You apologized and tried to jolt her back to life but it was never going to happen. 

The asthma attack didn't let her reach for inhaler and so she couldn't survive it.

You screamed and cried "God why?"

God replied, "You brought this upon yourself. You placed value on your friends more than yourself. Don't you know that your wife is you and you are her?. This is entirely your own doing".

Now she's gone and all your friends are always busy with their wives and children. 

You can't even take care of your kids because you spent more time with your friends than them. 

It's a sad tale, but to those who are reading this, you can do better. 

Women are treasures, not a monument you stare at when you are bored.

A woman that asks for nothing, deserves everything 

©Patrick Dominic

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