Watch how Nel carter interviewed Ese Eriata, bigflow promise, Wale OjO, Broda shaggi At Glo event


[Show Biz] Nel carter Emerging to become the Best Show Red carpet interviewer in Nigeria

[Show Biz] Nel carter Emerging to become the Best Show Red carpet interviewer in Nigeria

Superstar Nigerian multi talented Entertainer 'Nel carter', who is versatile across most entertainment fields , shows nigerians yet his other part of business 'THE SHOW BIZ'. 

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Taking to his Instagram to post some videos of him handling the rest carpet interviews for nigerian communication giants 'GLO' , Nel carter was also noted to be the most sort after red carpet event interviewer in nigeria in 2022.

 Not just becoming an interviewer but, look at all the vibes he brought into every person he interviewed, the joy shows this job is part of his birth right.

Watch some clips we were able to get on our YouTube channel.

1. First interview

Second interview

Third interview

Fourth interview


- the vibe you bring into the event Attendees; as an interviewer, the red carpet of the event is usually staged before the attendees can even get to the main event, and your hospitality, is the first impression they will get about the event, your ability to get them turned on, just saved the event, NEL CARTER does this twice bro!!!!.

- making a friend in less than a minute; as a red carpet interviewer, you will get to see tons of people for the first time and hey, for real, some are multi millionaires, politicians, musicians, dancers, and entertaining a rich person ain't that easy, because rich people get asaply moved only by money talks, so you are supposed to make friends with them on the red carpet there, and get them even expose their 10yr back secrets, an interviewer is key to any event!! NEL CARTER BRAND, provides that, apart from him, he's got people working under him and he is the best plug. Contact him below.

The interviewing talent goes hand in hand with anything show biz OK?, if you habour dull interviewers, people might buy tickets to your event but end up leaving before time. The best Nigerian brand to inquire about show business in nigeria is from the NEL CARTER BRAND. get to talk to them today!!


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