Marzell Calko model, Philanthropist and Co-founder of NHF , Nigeria Healthcare foundation with Dr Obilo.

Marzell Calko Marzell Calko, is a Half German and half Polish. Also called the polish princess. She is a Journalist, Philanthropist, model writer, editor, face for iconic designers like Prada etc. She graduated with a criminal law degree. Also a cofounder of one the biggest charity in Nigeria NHF, Nigeria Healthcare foundation alongside Dr. Obilo. She has participated with many charities and also help save peoples live in Ukraine during the recent war. Currently living in the USA and some part of Europe due to the nature of her job. She loves to Travel, meet interesting people and also helping people in need. Showing great passion for fashion and literature as she has written her book and set to launch the book the Sixth Sense, in Nigeria and Africa. Marzell also loves racing cars too her taste. Recently she announced her clothing line which will be soon introduced to the world in 2023.   NIGERIA HEALTHCARE FOUNDATION The Nigeria healthcare foundation was Founded by Dr Obilo and Marzell Calko to ameliorate the health condition in Rural Nigeria where access to basics such as healthcare, education, and proper hygiene options are limited or severely restricted, with the goal of improving not only the health conditions in Nigeria but also the state of social welfare. The Nigeria healthcare Foundation has a two-week medical missions,of which they  estimated receiving visits from nearly 400 patients a day – 95% are individuals from remote areas who would never have otherwise received medical attention because it is either inaccessible or costly. Marzell Calko has always loved to help people most especially kids who are in need and this is why she had the drive to get into charity. He believes that every human in the world deserve a good life and love, she has always want to pass that love to as much people she can. The Nigeria Healthcare foundation is one of her dreams she said, and she will always be there to help the people and children who are in need in Nigeria. THE SIXTH SENSE Early this year, Marzell Calko completed her book titled THE SIXTH SENSE. It was first launched in  Europe and the United States of America. Upon the release of her book , it broke the sales record in Europe. The book brough so many attractions and attention with some comment from some high ranked personalities around the world “I am impressed, I read the book in one breath, I saw my interior there and this is what it is about to identify with the author’s soul” – Adrian Alicea, world fashion designerDefinitely a book that will reach every corner of our imagination and also imperfect or phenomenal reality. I was traveling with Marzell. I accounted for my weaknesses, self-confidence or prudishness “- Jennifer Fortunato, attorney Marzell Calko is convinced with the recent development of her book and decided to launch it in Africa Nigeria in 2023. Watchout for the Sixth Sense in Lagos Nigeria.

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