The Generation X: Infinix remains firm in its devotion towards empowering youths.


Some brands will always stand out from the crowd and this is largely because it’s easy to spot a brand that is truly on a mission. The drive, the consistency, the tenacity, and the stanch devotion towards ensuring that they maintain focus on the goal ahead makes it almost impossible for such brands to go unnoticed.

One of such brands with a relentless resolve towards achieving its goal to immensely impact the youths in the society is the premium smartphone maker, Infinix. The Infinix Generation X initiative is majorly focused on empowering young adults to achieve their dreams and become pioneers of brilliant ideas in their respective fields. With this in sight, the brand continues to create cutting edge devices that will serve as valuable tools to young individuals whilst orchestrating several campaigns that challenges and inspires them to be original and creative.

It is a well-known fact that Infinix, just like its young and vibrant loyalists, have a unique appreciation for popular culture and all art forms such as music and fashion. As a result, the brand has organized several immensely rewarding activities spanning across these many fields.

Recently the brand concluded its #ExploreAnotherMe campaign. This campaign followed the launch of its NOTE 7 smartphone; a device that takes the smartphone experience to a new level of awesomeness and seamlessly bridges work and relaxation. Spawning from the understanding of the diversity of human talent, and the fact that many multitalented youths prefer to hide some of their valuable talents whilst projecting only a few, the #ExploreAnotherMe challenge was focused on encouraging youths to put their hidden/least projected talents on the spotlight. Several entries were received during the period of the campaign and the entries with highest support and engagements were duly rewarded with a cash prize of ?1,000,000.

Over the years, the brand has organized several other highly rewarding campaigns, one of which was the “Empowered by Infinix S4” activity which ran from the 23rd of April 2019 till the 14th of May 2019. At the end of the activity, four lucky winners won the ?1,000,000 empowerment fund. Two of the lucky winners from the campaign were Gloria Chisom Nwafor, a 25-year-old catfish farmer and a graduate of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, who walked away with ?1,000,000 (one million naira) worth of empowerment funds to scale up her fish farm and Adeyinka Awarun the owner of Kinkee Grey Fashion house and an experienced fashion designer, who also won the empowerment fund for her fashion brand.

Lucky winners from Infinix’s Empowered by S4 campaign

Another interesting activity with a slightly different approach was the AFCON tour. On this very interesting tour, lucky winners, were accompanied by the delectable and sensational TV presenter, Nancy Isime as well as superstar VJ Ehizojie Okoeguale as they toured round Egypt and witnessed an epic football game of the African cup of Nations between Nigeria and Burundi.

Winners of Infinix’s AFCON tour raffle draw with Tv presenter-Nancy Isime and VJ Ehhizojie Okoeguale

These campaigns have been followed by several other rewarding activities including the “Blow my mind challenge” , the HOT 8 challenge and also the styled by Infinix S5 challenge; a fashion-centric challenge which followed the launch of the Infinix S5 in November last year and saw several individuals rewarded with $1,000 worth of wardrobe allowance.

Lucky winner from Infinix Hot 8 challenge receives $1,000 empowerment fund each.

All of these activities show the commitment of the brands towards empowering youths to be themselves and begin to live their dreams even now.

Empowering youths outside campaigns – Employment opportunities for youths.

It is in no doubt that Infinix has made youth empowerment its sole purpose and this explains a whole lot of things pertaining to its business operations as well. Outside of brand activities and CSR campaigns Infinix has found ways to ensure that it continues to support youths in Nigeria.

Young fans at Infinix HOT8 free concert -Unilag.

Infinix has imbibed a culture that ensures that young professionals can gain employment with them and grow their skills from an early age. Thousands of Nigerian youths across Infinix’s active offices and stores nationwide have benefited from this structure.

 Youthful Partnerships and Competitions

In order to reach more young people in Nigeria and beyond, Infinix also partners with other establishments. An example of such partnership was the free Hot 8 concert where Infinix invited youths to enjoy a free concert in university of Lagos. This concert also featured other youthful brands like Google, Boomplay, Pepsi and Vskit.

Infinix and phoenix browser quiz event.

Another Empowerment partnership was formed at the maiden event of the Phoenix Quiz 2019, were Infinix joint hands with phoenix browser and XOS browser. Participants in the quiz were able to gain vast knowledge of mobile phone software and browser and were also rewarded with smartphones and other gift items.

In 2019, Infinix also partnered with a YALI initiative which trained young entrepreneurs on bookkeeping and business etiquettes.

Infinix and Yali Serves.

Infinix’s mission is clearly defined and the brand has remained firm in its devotion towards achieving its mission over the years. There’s no doubt that Infinix will continue on this path for long years and what this means for young people is more empowerment and support as they continue to work towards achieving their dreams.

For more Information about Infinix, visit its official website at or follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @infinixnigeria.


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