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Davido Timeless

On March 31, 2023, Davido released Timeless, his fourth studio album. The album has 17 excellent songs, some of which have vocal contributions from renowned musicians such as Asake, Angelique Kidjo, Musa Keys, Skepta, Fave, Focalistic, etc. Notably, the “Timeless” album release is a big project from one of the major digital ambassadors of African music. It will be the musician’s first album since 2020’s A Better Time and his first release following a five-month public hiatus. A Good Time, A Better Time, and Timeless are anticipated to be the superstar’s gorgeous trinity of records.

The music on the Timeless album exemplifies Davido‘s distinctive style, which combines pop music with Afrobeats. Nonetheless, the record is very meditative and has a life-filled theme. Read on as we dive into a detailed review of the 17-track album, Timeless.

Detailed Track-by-Track Breakdown of The Timeless Album

Over DemDavido gives thanks to God in this song for his incredible journey and all the benefits he has received so far in life. The singer blares in the album’s opening line. “Over dem all. If dem want to turn Goliath, I will be David for life.” Davido metaphorically declares his superiority over his enemies. He also paid tribute to his uncle Ademola Adeleke, who was just elected governor of Osun State. At the song’s conclusion, the singer also referred to frenemies and adversaries as well. It is not a surprise that the DMW boss has had to navigate a dark period over the past few years during which he lost friends and relatives, so this is especially noteworthy coming from him. The Nigerian superstar is clearly back since he exhibits strength as he continues to recover. What a wonderful way to launch a classic project.

Feel – This is another solo hit from the African artist. ”Feel is a track that has the sense of setting the album’s theme. Davido literally says “dem go feel it“. Despite the fact that a part of the song reflects a sad lover’s request for a reunion with a spouse. It’s like a sad thing but it’s also romantic. “I be on the phone…Calling you tonight…I wan make you show me…Make we no dey fight…I no wan sleep alone…Wanna hold you tight…Water full my eyes, but I will be alright” Davido sings.

In The Garden (ft. Morravey) – This track introduces the first feature of the album as we witness a beautiful mid-tempo ballad on this track. “In The Garden” features Davido and his newly rebranded DMW 2.0 signee, Morravey, pledging timeless vows. Along the course of the project, you will find another complementary track (the 14th track), “Picasso ft. Logos Olori”, which is quite mid-tempo too but it really suits Davido’s vibe as the superstar reveals yet another underrated artist on the Timeless body of work. “Bop ft. Dexta Daps” is also another bop that seems unpopular but is a decent music and club banger in its feature on the album. Underrated but gem.

Godfather – This track sees a decent run of solo hits by Davido on this exceptional body of work, Timeless. On this tune, Davido delivers yet another solid contribution as the 4th track of the Timeless album. Remember the energy of the superstar on “Dami Duro”? Davido delivered that on Godfather and more. This is one of the hardest tunes of the exceptional body of work, Timeless. “Away” and “Precision” also relays this theme, plus it is remarkable how Davido maintains the elite classic vibe he’s known for without compromising his original sound on both tracks.

Unavailable ft. Musa Keys” – This is one track that deserves praise, and both Nigerian and foreign music fans have hailed it as the album’s popular song. The collaboration works perfectly as Afro-fusion and Amapiano combine flawlessly on this track, with Davido continuing to bring the heat as Musa Keys makes a stylish entrance. South African clubs and Nigerian parties will be rocking out for months thanks to this amazing partnership.

E Pain Me” is a track about an excellent composer pleading for his lady to stay in his life as he really needs her compassion. A heartbreaking song that depicts the artist expressing his heart-pounding emotions in a situation where his lover obviously had no idea how depressed he was when she initially left.

In his song, Davido expresses how his heart’s desire plays with his emotions and feelings while he tries to show her that he loves her, but it doesn’t seem to be enough to keep her.

Kante ft. Fave – The song “Kante” is about guilty lustful pleasures. Fave doesn’t disappoint as she owned this track and sang beautifully over the rhythm. These two Nigerian artists seemed to have set the studio ablaze as we get a remarkable piece of music as the outcome. Davido did his thing and still stepped away from Fave to control the show.

In this song, the theme is expertly handled by Fave‘s vocal contribution, which is gently appropriate for Davido‘s vintage feel. It’s also important to note how this song was completely owned by the talented up-and-coming star Fave, who turned it into an album standout.

Na Money ft The Cavemen and Angelique Kidjo” – In the love/lust song “Na Money“, Davido enlists the vocal talents of famous Beninese vocalist, Angelique Kidjo, and The Cavemen. Notably, the song fuses modern pop music with African rhythms. “Na Money” is an intricate piece of art as Angelique Kidjo comes through with her entrancing vocals while The Cavemen sing the hook and chorus in their catchy HighLife wave.

U (Juju) ft. Skepta – On this track, Davido shares his admiration for his lover and how enamoured he is with her in this song. Skepta, a Nigerian-British rapper, joins Davido‘s Timeless album, which boasts an impressive roster of collaborations, and lends his verse to the song “U (Juju)“. After that, Davido adds a fantastic chorus and hook. The explicitness of Skepta‘s rap contribution, which is subtly fitted to Davido‘s traditional mood, beautifully orchestrates the love subject on this track.

No Competition ft. Asake” – This track may as well be the most adorable song on the Timeless album. Davido comes around again with his exquisite lover boy vibes on this tune as Asake delivers a beautiful verse in Yoruba and his explicit vocals did justice to the tune. This is a decent follow-up tune to back up the genius done on the previous track on the album.

For The Road” – This is another solid banger track from Davido, the superstar dropped another solo masterclass, which is very applaudable. The theme of this song, “For The Road”, is one strong friendship and relationships will enjoy. Talented Nigerian producer, Blaise Beat, is credited with producing this vividly crafted song, For The Road, the 15th record in the Timeless album.

LCND” is more of a memorial to his late son and other loved ones who have recently passed away in Davido’s life. The theme is a special and imaginative way for him to communicate his sorrow; it also represents a terrific approach to the album and incredible vitality emerging from a dark place. A song like LCND – Legends Can Never Die is already a classic, even without the attention of the general audience. The song’s subject matter isn’t gloomy since Davido is more preoccupied with remembering his loved ones on a lighter note than with the dark sadness that surrounds death. The talented Nigerian artist highlighted the importance of living each day to the fullest before passing away.

Champion Sound ft. Focalistic” – The final and 17th track is the only pre-released single on the Timeless album. On the song “Champion Sound“, Davido collaborates with South African musician, Focalistic. They released this collaborative track in the year 2021, which is already creating a buzz and being played a ton everywhere. Another Amapiano song from Davido and Focalistic, “Champion Sound” follows their recent collaboration on “Ke Star (Remix),” which also included the South African musician Vigro Deep.

Final Thoughts

Fans already knew they were in for a great musical experience. In the Timeless album, both famous and up-and-coming artists plus international performers were showcased and they all delivered along with Davido.

The Timeless project is excellent in light of what he wants to accomplish with it – it has been breaking records since its release. Yet, it is rhythmic and introspective. The percussion and sound design are outstanding, even though the album did not feature any real major global heavyweight. This may be the best album released so far this year, we’d see.



  • Delivery: 1.9/2
  • Lyricism: 1.8/2
  • Relatability: 1.8/2
  • Mixing and Production: 1.9/2
  • Replay Value: 1.9/2

TX Rating – 9.3/10

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