10 Best Nigerian Songs Of The 2000s

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Since the turn of the millennium, Nigerian mainstream musicians have produced some outstanding music records – setting the country’s trend of prolific musical development.

Notably, we want to focus on the best Afrobeats and Nigerian music from the early 2000s, and you can be sure that we have included some of your favourites. You can check out our list of the top 10 Nigerian songs from the early 2000s that everyone enjoyed vibing to.

  1. D’banj – Fall In Love

Fall In Love by D’banj is unarguably one of the biggest songs that were well delivered around the early 2000s in the Nigerian music industry. The song quickly went viral, appearing to be the hottest song of the year when it dropped.

Although D’Banj already had a successful musical career at the time, the release of the song “Fall In Love” further propelled the talented musician to the top. Everyone was in awe as they grooved and danced to this song.

It’s no news that D’Banj is the recipient of numerous distinguished and noteworthy honours. Furthermore, Mr. Endow, Oliver Twist, Why Me, No Long Thing, Tongolo, and many other breathtaking soundtracks are just a few of his massive hits.

Nigeria’s Afrobeats recording artist, D’banj, included the smash hit song, “Fall in Love“, in his third studio album, “The Entertainer“, released in 2008 by Mo’Hits Records. Notably, Don Jazzy is the producer that masterminded this song.

  1. Eedris Abdulkareem – Jaga Jaga

Another song that’s noteworthy from the period of the early 2000s is Jaga Jaga by Eedris Abdulkarim. The song went viral and spread across the nation as it emerged as the biggest hit of the year when it was released.

Though, the highly controversial song “Jaga Jaga” by Eedris Abdulkareem, caused him to clash with the then-president of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo, and was ultimately taken off the radio due to its allegedly unappealing lyrics because they dealt with events in our country.

The intent of this captivating melody on Jaga Jaga was to discuss some of the vices that are prevalent in Nigeria. The messages in this song cannot really be underlined enough. This is another harmonious song that has a high repeat value. It will always be relevant, especially since many of the issues Eedris bemoaned in the song continue to arise decades later.

Jaga Jaga” is credited with earning the legendary Eedris Abdulkareem all the respect and fame he currently enjoys in the music industry. Even though the experienced singer explicitly criticizes the political establishment and ruling class in the song, he did so without regard for anyone’s feelings or favor, really daring and captivating for real.

  1. Styl Plus – Olufunmi

Another remarkable song from the 2000s is Olufunmi by Styl Plus. The timeless song, Olufunmi, is one of the top-notch harmonies released by the now-defunct Nigerian group Styl Plus from their popular EP that year.

Notably, Styl Plus began as a gospel group in 1997 but subsequently transitioned to R&b. They produced amazing tunes for us that rocked the country for a very long period. They had a tremendous hit with Olufunmi.

The songs “Olufunmi” and “Runaway” by Styl Plus were among the most often requested love songs on all the major Nigerian radio stations between 2004 and 2005, according to research.

  1. Wande Coal – Bumper to Bumper

Bumper to Bumper is an outstanding song from Wande Coal’s 2009 album Mushin 2 Mohits that made massive waves in Nigeria when it was released by the veteran Afrobeats artist.

The energy started in 2006 when Wande Coal earned a recording contract with Don Jazzy’s Mo’hits Records where he continued to hone his vocal abilities. Moments later, one of the best love songs ever penned by a Nigerian “Ololufe”, his debut hit off the CV album was created and released.

Later, Wande Coal launched his debut album,‘Mushin to Mo’Hits which was well-appreciated in Nigeria, the UK, and the USA. Notably, Bumper to Bumper was the star of the album and the hit of the year. As parties, carnivals, clubs, and the streets couldn’t stop playing the overwhelming hit.

  1. Olu Maintain – Yahooze

Olu Maintain recorded this mesmerizing song, Yahooze, in 2007. When Yahooze was released, the single became a worldwide craze. The song was also included as one of the songs on the 2008 album, Maintain Reloaded.

On the song “Yahooze“, Olu Maintain particularly shone when he delivered the harmony on this tune. This incredible song was a mind-blowing and entrancing remedy that swept the Nigerian music scene with much vibrancy. Notably, Yahooze is the hit song that helped Olu Maintain’s high position in the Nigerian music industry. Without a doubt, this song is one good hit single that gained millions of sales and views on YouTube and other platforms.

On October 27, 2007, the song was officially released as the lead single from his debut album. Notably, Puffy Tee produced a beautiful tune. The “Yahooze” music video was filmed in Nigeria, plus, LKT also contributed guest vocals on the official remix. At the 2008 Nigeria Entertainment Awards, “Yahooze” was named Hottest Single of the Year.

  1. Tony Tetuila – My Car

This was a tremendous hit for Tony Tetuila at the time, and Kennis Music was in charge of everything. We still recall how much airplay the “My Car” music video received. So if you didn’t rock to this song by Tony Tetuila back then, you were not trendy enough cause “My Car” was too lit to ignore.

The hit song “My Car” stayed blazing through the early 2000s, and Tony Tetuila enjoyed the glory he deserved. The song was rumoured to be a diss track at Eedris Abdulkareem at the time. But one thing is for sure, Tony Tetuila dropped a solid tune.

  1. 2 Face Idibia – African Queen

The legendary musician “2Face Idibia”, now known as “2Baba“, released the amazing hit song “African Queen”. The song was taken from the 2004 release “Face2Face”.

Through this soulful song “African Queen”, 2Baba demonstrated to the world his musical potential and skills. The veteran star is still receiving a lot of praise from his fans for releasing such a nice and lovely soundtrack. The audience for the song still keeps beaming with joy and happiness as a result.

On his debut studio album, Face 2 Face, which has eleven impressive tracks, 2Face Idibia debuted this classic soundtrack named African Queen as the seventh tune. This song was written with warm and sincere lyrics that made it worthwhile to listen to.

  1. P Square – Bizzy Body

Bizzy Body” was a mad race and everyone turned up to it. This song was a popular tune from “Get Squared“, the second studio album by Nigerian recording artist, P Square featuring Waje, and it was released by Square Records in 2005.

Bizzy Body” is the second tune from the aforementioned album where P Square still managed to preserve its distinctive flair. The perfect duo asked Waje for vocal assistance on the song, and she delivered admirably by enhancing the song’s appeal and making it more pleasurable to listen to.

  1. 9ice – Gongo Aso

Back when Gongo Aso was first released, this song seems to have served as a national anthem as it was heard sung and echoed everywhere in Nigeria. With this ultimate endeavour, 9ice received numerous awards and notable album nominations.

The album, Gongo Aso by 9ice, which has fourteen beautiful records, had the masterpiece song – Gongo Aso – listed as the tenth track. It really seemed mandatory for everyone to listen to every music on the aforementioned project, especially Gongo Aso – you just had to know the lyrics from top to bottom as a young lad.

Remarkably, since entering the market, the seasoned performer, 9ice, has put out a ton of popular songs but Gongo Aso will go down as his all-time best and the evergreen song status will always be held by this Gongo Aso tune.

  1. Bracket – Yori Yori

When Bracket released “Yori Yori“, they gave their listeners and music enthusiasts an exceptional song. “Yori Yori” which was released in 2009, immediately became quite popular both domestically and abroad. The duo released a fantastic debut album called “Least Expected” which included the song “Yori Yori

The Afropop and R&B duo – Bracket – released the special album, “Least Expected” under the Ape Planets label. The excellent body of work album, Least Expected, by Bracket, demonstrates their talent. Notably, P Square, J Martins, and Storm Rex contributed greatly to the creation of its nine stunning and well-written tracks. Remarkably, the track worth noting is “Yori Yori”.

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