You cant accuse me of what youre guilty of Cardi B Replies Offset

Widely-known American female rapper, Belcalis Almanzar, professionally known as Cardi B, has responded strongly to her husband Offset’s allegations of infidelity by clapping back at him.

In a post that has since been deleted from his Instagram page, Offset claimed that his wife had cheated on him with a member of his own “gang.”

He wrote: “My wife fcked a nigga on me gang yall nigga know how I come,” 

Taking to Twitter on Monday, Cardi B addressed the accusation via a Twitter space and countered it by stating that Offset was making these claims because he himself had engaged in sexual relations with another woman.

Cardi B went on to advise her fans not to lend their ears to Offset’s words. She emphasized that he was attempting to shift blame onto her for actions he knew he was guilty of. Urging her followers not to pay attention to Offset’s words, she dismissed him as a mere “country man.”

She asserted her identity as Cardi B and reminded everyone that she was not just anybody. Cardi B confidently stated that if she were involved with anyone intimately, she would make it known, highlighting her refusal to engage in clandestine amorous affairs.

In her words:

“You can’t accuse me of the things you know you are guilty of and I see that it’s easy for you to blame everything on me.

“Don’t pay attention to that country man you all.

“Come on now, I’m Cardi B and I think motherfuckers forget I’m Cardi B. If I was giving out my body to anybody, it would be out. I’m not just anybody.”


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