Popular Rappers Who Love Online Casino Gambling

It sometimes seems celebrities live in another world and ordinary people can’t reach this dimension. However, they are closer to us than you could ever imagine – famous rappers also go to Starbucks to have a coffee, buy mass-market clothes, and share the same hobbies as ordinary users.

Gambling is among the most demanded entertainment types worldwide, and you will be surprised how many famous stars engage in online and offline casinos. We have gathered a list of well-known players who won’t hide their passion for risky games.

50 Cent – Online Casino Gambler

The famous Curtis Jackson often excites the public with his antics because eccentricity is part of his image. His interest in gambling has never been a secret: the rapper prefers huge stakes. He is known to bet $1.6 million on his friend Floyd Mayweather in the fight with Manny Pacquiao – and the investment was successful.

Another bet on the Giants vs. 49ers also brought the rapper a half-million win. The celebrity is also passionate about gambling clubs and their online alternatives. He prefers gambling sites like Jackpot City Online Casino and was spotted playing slots.  For many, slot machines and blackjack are a goldmine, and Curtis Jackson isn’t an exception.

Of course, the rapper doesn’t always succeed in his bets – he lost multiple times and doesn’t deny his gambling addiction.

Jay-Z – Card Games Lover

Besides being a famous rapper and Beyoncé’s husband, Jay-Z is well-known for his gambling activities. He prefers blackjack and poker and has already become a professional in these table games. He was spotted in the best Las Vegas casinos multiple times – and we won’t be surprised if he enjoys online gambling, too.

The rapper once lost $500,000 playing Texas Hold’em, but even such a huge failure didn’t distract Jay-Z from his hobby. He turned his passion into profits not only by placing bets but also by collaborating with bookmakers and investing in the industry. Well, the rapper definitely knows how to make money!

Drake – Avid Sportsbettor

If it had been a list of the most unsuccessful gamblers who invested millions, Drake would have reached the rating’s top. The famous rapper loves to spend insane sums in casinos and sports betting. He once wagered over $1 billion in two months. And even though some bets were profitable, he is known to lose millions of dollars.

It’s not a secret roulette is his favourite game – Drake can deposit $10,000 for only one spin. He is also a passionate sports betting fan: he usually invests thousands to predict the outcomes of NFL, NBA, and F1 events.

The artist is also known for the “Drake curse,” which became one of the most discussed issues connected to the rapper. He regularly meets athletes before their important competitions, and they unexpectedly lose even despite the opposite odds. Antony Joshua has become its victim in 2019.

Even though he was a favourite in the fights against Andy Ruiz, Madison Square Garden witnessed the first defeat of the famous British boxer. Other celebrities affected by the “Drake curse” include Lionel Messi, Serena Williams, Jose Aldo, etc. However, the rapper states these are just coincidences – of course, athletes have the same opinion and continue spending time with Drake.

P. Diddy – Fan of Blackjack

This celebrity is known to be one of the best rappers worldwide and a producer for artists like Usher. Diddy is also known as a persistent and determined person, who reaches his goals. However, gambling is one of his hobbies that usually stays beyond the scene. P. Diddy regularly stays in the best Vegas casino resorts, playing blackjack and enjoying the atmosphere of risk and fun.

Some say he requests to put a blackjack table right backstage during concerts. We don’t know if this is true, but the performer is truly renowned for his passion for adrenaline.

Snoop Dogg – Crypto Gambler

The rapper is an iconic casino ambassador – he’s become a prototype for creating numerous slots by leading software developers. The rapper doesn’t deny himself the pleasure of visiting top Vegas destinations or placing a bet on loud competitions.

Moreover, a crypto gambling website, Roobet, announced its collaboration with Snoop Dogg in spring 2023. The rapper mentioned she shares the enthusiasm of this company to develop the iGaming sphere. Snoop Dogg hopes to change the entertainment sector – he is known for his love of cryptocurrencies.

The artist thinks such gaming establishments are the industry’s future and gladly participates in online gambling.

Nelly – a Poker Pro

Another rapper who is a well-known gambler adores poker and Texas Hold’em. The artist began his career in 1996 when the online casino industry was yet to be developed. Nelly prefers offline games and even participated in the 2007 World Series of Poker.

The rapper is a skilful player, but not all his bets turn into winnings. It was rumoured Nelly has a severe compulsive gambling problem, but there’s no proof of it. Nelly says it’s all false, insisting that poker is his little hobby, allowing him to take a break from his busy work schedule.

The Final World

Celebrities are like usual people, sharing the same hobbies and interests. Many rappers enjoy playing in casinos and placing bets on sports. Unfortunately, many suffer from gambling addiction, which is unsurprising considering the sums they invest in their hobby.

Many celebrities, including Drake and Snoop Dogg, engage in online gambling. Be attentive – maybe one of them will be your opponent during a poker session in a virtual casino.

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