Crazy Controversies You Won’t Believe These Nigerian Superstars Got Involved In

Celebrities, just like every random individual, face their fair share of downtimes and shortcomings. Behind the glitz and glam, behind the hit songs and multitude of fans, these individuals have experienced scandals that dealt a blow to their careers. While some were able to shake things off and bounce back, others took a plunge and have been struggling to return to the front row of their careers ever since. In this article, we will explore a number of Nigerian celebrities who have faced crazy controversies in the course of their careers.

1. Dammy Krane

First of all, let’s take it all the way back to 2017. In June 2017, Nigerian musician Dammy Krane found himself in big trouble in the United States. He got arrested on June 2, and the charges were serious: he was accused of stealing, using someone else’s credit card, and pretending to be someone else.

The story got even more complicated. It turned out that while he was on vacation in Miami, Dammy Krane supposedly used a stolen credit card to rent a private jet from a company called TapJets. The company noticed something was wrong because the credit card information he provided didn’t match up.

To get out of jail in Miami, Dammy Krane had to pay $7,500. He didn’t admit to doing anything wrong. Instead, he said he wanted a trial with a jury to prove he was innocent. This meant he had to go through a legal process and appear in court on June 23, 2017.

During this time, Dammy Krane’s mum stood by him, saying he didn’t do anything wrong. She blamed the person who organized his flight for the problems he faced. Also, several celebrities came to his defence, including rapper M.I. and eLDee Tha Don.

The whole situation became a big deal, making headlines around the world and almost putting a major dent in the singer’s image. However, things took a surprising turn in August 2017. American courts decided that all the charges against Dammy Krane, including credit card forgery and theft, were not valid, and they dropped them.

2. Sinzu (Sauce Kid)

In a situation almost similar to that of Damm Krane, Nigerian rapper Babalola Falemi, better known as Sauce Kid or Sinzu, faced a challenging time that landed him in an American prison. His journey took an unexpected turn when he was found guilty of stealing $15,388.

The story unfolded when law enforcement officials caught up with him as he was about to board a flight at Boise Airport in Idaho, USA. It was revealed that Falemi had obtained stolen bank card numbers and personal information from their rightful owners. He then used this information to create counterfeit plastic cards.

Using an automated system to change account PINs, he managed to withdraw money from bank ATMs and purchase items from stores. These activities occurred over a span of just a few days in July 2016. All of these transactions took place at Boise ATMs owned by Idaho Central Credit Union and at Albertsons stores in Meridian.

When he was arrested, Sauce Kid was found in possession of a device used for encoding cards and approximately $6,000 in cash. The legal charges against him were serious. Initially, he was accused of conspiracy to commit bank fraud, eight counts of bank fraud, eight counts of aggravated identity theft, and possession of 15 or more fraudulent bank cards.

However, Sauce Kid eventually pleaded guilty to one count of aggravated identity theft. This led to his imprisonment for two years. In total, he was held responsible for stealing $15,388 from unsuspecting victims.

Despite the legal troubles, there was a ray of hope for Sauce Kid. On March 25, 2018, a heartwarming video surfaced on Instagram with the caption “My bro is back!! SINZU.” The video showed Sauce Kid, dressed in a black T-shirt and red pants, being welcomed back home. Afrobeat superstar Davido also shared similar posts, extending a warm welcome to the “Carolina” rapper.

In the aftermath of his release, Sauce Kid and Davido were frequently seen together. Sauce Kid briefly became associated with Davido’s crew during his first year of freedom

3. Tiwa Savage

Tiwa Savage, the multi-award-winning Nigerian songstress, has seen her fair share of controversies during her illustrious career. However, one of the most prominent and enduring scandals in her career involves the leakage of a private video featuring her and her partner.

The controversy began when Tiwa Savage hinted at the existence of a sex tape in the hands of a blackmailer that may find its way to the internet in an earlier interview, keeping her audience on edge. On October 19, 2021, the video surfaced online after she refused to pay blackmailers. This incident has cast a long shadow over the musician.

The leaked video depicted Tiwa Savage sharing intimate moments with her undisclosed partner. To the surprise of many, the singer openly admitted to being the person in the recording and expressed no regrets.

Tiwa Savage cautioned her fans to brace themselves for various attacks following the tape’s release. She even humorously anticipated the memes that would inevitably flood social media. The video’s release sent music fans into a frenzy, causing social media platforms to buzz with discussion.

In the aftermath of the video, Tiwa Savage took a brief hiatus and faced the potential loss of several endorsement deals. However, in time, she managed to regain her footing and move past the controversy.

Notably, she addressed the issue of her leaked sex tape in her 2022 song with Asake, titled ‘Loaded.’ In one verse, she confidently stated, “Awon blogger ti won fe fi mi gba star (Bloggers who wanted to use me to shine) Sex tape o le baye mi je (Sex tape cannot destroy my life)/Igbadun kekere yen (It was just small enjoyment).”

4. Oxlade

Earlier in 2022, the soulful Afro-fusion singer Oxlade found himself at the centre of a Twitter storm when five explicit videos involving him were leaked. These videos were originally shared on Snapchat, and their release generated a wide range of reactions on Twitter. Late one Wednesday evening, sexually explicit footage featuring the singer began circulating on various social media platforms.

The videos, which had been posted on Snapchat, featured Oxlade engaging in a sexual romp with an unidentified woman. The other videos were solo, explicit videos of him displaying his genitals in front of a mirror. It is believed that these videos were initially sent as snaps on Snapchat before being recorded and shared online.

The leaked videos prompted diverse responses from users on social media. Some praised the singer for his performance, while others condemned him and called for a response similar to what Tiwa Savage experienced when she faced a similar blackmail situation with her own videos.

While some criticized Oxlade, others mockingly celebrated bedroom prowess leading to the widespread sharing of the footage across various social networks. Some fans even jokingly suggested that he start a career in pornography.

In a statement posted on his Twitter account regarding the infamous sex tape, Oxlade expressed his apologies to his fans regarding the leaked sex video. He explained that he believed the incident occurred due to betrayals and emphasized that he typically keeps his personal matters private. He also apologised to the lad involved

5. Buju

In 2022, a rather scandalous incident involving the singer BNXN, also known as Buju, made headlines as a naked video of him walking to a bathroom in an apartment went viral. The video, which showed Buju in a vulnerable state, was allegedly leaked by a Swedish lady named Filma Jones.

According to reports, Filma Jones claimed to have been in a relationship with Buju, but he had recently ended it after she became pregnant.

In her statement, she said, “I am pregnant for BNXN, and he is trying to silence me and evade his responsibilities because I live in Sweden. We met when he visited Sweden, and I initially insisted on protected sex. However, he told me he didn’t have any children and wanted one but not with a Nigerian girl. He persuaded me to have unprotected sex, and when I got pregnant and reached out to him, he blocked me and had his friends and manager communicate with me instead.”

She continued, “They tried to convince me to have an abortion, even though it goes against my culture. I could never consider abortion, and it’s unfair for him to put me in this situation. Sex is one thing, but children are something else, and he refuses to take responsibility. Instead, his manager told me I should see this as a ‘nice experience’ and be grateful I got to be with him. It’s a very messy situation.”

After the release of the video, Buju faced significant backlash, with many criticizing him for allegedly cheating on his girlfriend.

Several months later, BNXN finally addressed the controversy for the first time, stating that the scandal really affected him. He also revealed that the woman who had leaked his nude video had been arrested. During an interview with Hot FM’s Cha Cha, he stated, “That person is in jail now. Yes, that’s blackmail. I faced serious backlash because it was a fabricated lie and all blackmail, which had a severe impact on me“.

BNXN denied the notion that the woman was actually expecting for him, saying that her ultimate goal was to get him to transfer her money via BTC (Bitcoin).

6.  Naira Marley

This is supposed to be at the top of the list, but we saved the best for last. Naira Marley’s defence of online scammers on his Instagram profile in March 2019 was one of the first significant scandals that catapulted him into the spotlight. Numerous celebrities, notably Simi and Ruggedman, harshly criticised this. Naira Marley didn’t express regret; instead, she published the song “Am I A Yahoo Boy,” which ironically went viral. However, this attracted the attention of law enforcement, which resulted in Naira Marley’s arrest on May 10, 2019, by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

While Zlatan and three others were freed after five days, Naira Marley stayed in EFCC custody due to substantial evidence. He later faced prison time before being released on bail after two court appearances.

After being released from the EFCC, Marley’s controversy persisted. With the publication of “Ijo Soapy,” a song that received harsh criticism, he raised suspicion. He was accused of auto theft in late 2019 when he and his brothers were said to have stolen an iPhone and a Toyota Camry from Mr Adelekan Ademola while travelling in a motorcade. Along with denying the crime, Naira Marley spoke about his collection of pricey automobiles.

Rapper Ruggedman, who criticised Naira Marley’s support of cybercrime (Yahoo Yahoo), was attacked, reportedly by individuals allegedly linked to Marley’s gang in London, further escalating their feud.

The most recent and significant controversy surrounds the controversial death of Mohbad, a former artist signed to Marlian Records, and owned by Naira Marley. Mohbad died under questionable circumstances and was buried within 24 hours. An investigation into Mohbad’s death by the Lagos State Police Command led to calls for Marlian Records’ ban.

During Mohbad’s time at Marlian Music, owned by Naira Marley, the singer was vocal about being bullied by Marley and his cohorts on several occasions, even stating his desire to leave the label. After his eventual exit, the late singer continues to get harassed by Marley’s affiliates

This controversy led some radio stations and cable channels to remove Naira Marley’s songs from playlists and delist his music videos. MTV Base, Soundcity TV, and multiple radio stations, including Splash FM, Fresh FM, Island FM, Okin FM, Divine FM, and Agidigbo FM, ceased airing his songs.

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