Magneto – Canada Remix [ft. Olamide] Lyrics Decoded


Magnito Canada Remix ft. Olamide

Mohammed Usman, a Nigerian rapper and artist better known by the stage name Magnito, has just released a remix of his song “Canada” with Wizzy Flon and Olamide, the CEO of YBNL Nation. The song “Canada” by Magnito has been a consistent smash in the Nigerian music scene and has received a ton of positive reviews. His unique musical aesthetic, which incorporates elements of hip-hop and Afrobeat, has earned him worldwide acclaims

The pleasant and upbeat song “Canada “ express the desire to visit Canada and take advantage of the high standard of living there. The brilliant lyrics and alluring sounds of Magnito helped him become well-known in the Nigerian music scene.


The engaging song “Canada (Remix)” has an incredible array of vocal talents from two highly talented performers, Olamide and Wizzy Flon. They work together to create an amazing listening experience by fusing their individual approaches and musical talent. “Canada (Remix)” is a true masterpiece that will leave you wanting more because of its contagious beats, intriguing lyrics, and faultless production. This song will catch your ears and hold your attention from beginning to end whether you’re a fan of Magnito or simply appreciate excellent music. The song, which continues to be a major hit, is also a sequel to his previous release, “Canada (Remix) Featuring Josh2funny.”  In the end, this original is a hit that you should include on your playlist if you like good music.

Magnito, Olamide, and Wizzy Flon all rap about their aspirations to visit Canada, meet stunning women, earn money, and have a good time. They also draw comparisons between Canada and Nigeria, emphasising the cultural, economic, and security disparities.


The song has received positive reviews from both reviewers and listeners, who laud the chemistry between Magnito and Olamide as well as the song’s catchy chorus and humorous lyrics. Because of the videos and memes that users posted on social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter, the song has gained additional notoriety. You’ll also succeed with this masterpiece because it’s a huge smash, no doubt about it.

Magnito has shown himself to be a remarkable talent when it comes to producing meaningful, lovely vocals and sounds. Magnito was able to properly portray the endearing personality required to convey the intensity that the song “Canada” requires. Additionally, the song is fascinating to listen to as a result of the collaboration with Olamide.

Replay Value

Olamide and Magnito’s “Canada Remix” have an upbeat, contagious atmosphere that appeals to listeners of all ages and musical preferences. Whether it’s pumping through the speakers at a packed club, blasting during a funfair procession or illuminating the stage at a music festival, this song provides the adrenaline.

The instrumental, which was just recently published in 2023, was beautifully composed by Magnito. The talented singer delivered the song in a classy manner, and it has a reasonable amount of repeat value thanks in large part to the addition of Olamide to the track.


  • Delivery:1.8/2
  • Lyricism:1.8/2
  • Relatability:1.8/2
  • Mixing and Production:1.8/2
  • Replay Value:1.7/2



















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