Trey Songz Sued for Allegedly Sexually Assaulting Two Women at House Party

According to a new lawsuit obtained by TMZ, the women are accusing Trey of sexual assault and battery for an alleged 2015 incident at his Los Angeles-area estate.

In the documents, the women say they first met Trey in June 2015 when they went to his concert and got invited to an after-party he was hosting.

They say subsequent interactions led them to be invited to his home in August for his birthday party.

The women claim they took an Uber to Trey’s home and were forced to give a password and turn over the phones to gain admittance.

Inside, they say it was mostly women and only a handful of men, and the ladies were pressured to drink alcohol from unsealed bottles.

In the suit, the women say they suddenly felt overwhelmingly intoxicated, despite drinking what they felt was a modest amount,  and this makes them believe they were drugged.

They claim they sat on a couch by the pool and that’s when Trey swooped in and led them to an upstairs bedroom where they passed out with their clothes on.

The next morning, the women say they woke up naked, with a naked Trey forcing himself on them.

One woman claims Trey was giving her nonconsensual oral sex. She says she tried to resist but he overpowered her.

The other woman claims she woke up to Trey biting her nipple and forcing his fingers inside her vagina.

In the suit, the women say Trey demanded they take a shower with him after the alleged sexual attacks but they say they refused and he became enraged, yelling at them,”You are little f****** girls, get the f*** out of my house.”

The women say they grabbed their clothes and tried to leave, but Trey refused to turn over their phones.

Eventually, they say a security guard intervened, gave them their phones from a safe, and they called an Uber.

In their suit, the women say they’ve suffered lasting injuries from the alleged incident and they’re going after Trey for damages.

Reacting, Trey’s attorney, Michael Freedman, told TMZ, “This is yet another example of nearly decade-old allegations being repurposed to take advantage of California’s constitutionally questionable new look back window. We look forward to vindicating Trey on the merits in court.”

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