Album: Waterside Boy – Elvis Poko (MP3 Download)

Inspired by his Place of Birth, ‘Waterside Boy’ is the new album from afro-pop sensation Elvis Poko

Following on from a very successful 2023, Elvis Poko finally opens up his 2024 catalogue with his highly anticipated
debut album ‘Waterside Boy,’ – a 13 track journey delving into the mind of Elvis himself. Drawing inspiration from the
riverine area where he was born, Elvis found most of the melodies for this album when taking long walks along the
riverside, serving as the perfect spot to let his creative ideas flow.

Serving as a reminder of his early childhood and
motivation to just make the music he wants to make, Elvis truly was brought back to his roots in the making of this new album which gives it its true, authentic feel. Recording the entire album in his bedroom, Elvis sent the project off to Isound Beatz for production and engineering which brought it to life in the most remarkable fashion. ‘I really enjoyed making this album, although my best is yet to come’ – ‘Waterside Boy,’ serves as the perfect introduction to an artist who is sure to be dominating the afro-pop scene for years to come.

Elvis Tamara-Tunemi Poko, known widely as Elvis Poko or ‘sweet papi’, stands as a multifaceted artist, seamlessly fusing the realms of comedy and afro-pop music with finesse. Born in Arogbo, Ondo State, Elvis’s early years were shaped by the rhythms of the riverine area, where the melodies of his formative years developed his now rich musical
diet and left their mark on his artistic soul.

Immersed in his creatively encompassing upbringing, Elvis drew inspiration
from iconic figures such as the late Echo Toikumor, Barrister Smooth, Sunny Ade, Sina Peters, and the
revolutionary Fela Kuti.

These eclectic influences extended to the rap albums echoing through his uncles’ rooms, further
fueling his musical curiosity. Elvis Poko’s music is a culmination of diverse sounds, blending Highlife, Fuji, Afrobeat, and
Hip Hop into a soundscape that he has become synonymous with.

His artistic philosophy is rooted in the belief that
music is a spiritual and universal language. In his own words, “I just go with the vibe that comes to me; music is spiritual,
that’s why it’s a universal language. I vibe to any nice tune from all genres, but the music I create can be classified as
Afrobeat, though it’s much more than that.” Beyond music, Elvis has made a mark in the Nigerian film industry,
showcasing his talents in movies and series. His comedic tenure has captured audiences, leading to numerous sold-out
comedy shows across Nigeria, establishing him as a household name in the country’s entertainment scene. Elvis
Poko’s journey has now taken him to the UK, where he continues to garner more listener’s with his infectious energy and
dynamic artistry. As an award-winning comedian and singer/songwriter, Elvis Poko demonstrates an innate ability to
weave together music and comedy – keep up to date with all of his artistry using the links below.


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